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  • The 'Mother Earth" Stone - Chrysocolla
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    katie lane
  • chrysocolla

The 'Mother Earth" Stone - Chrysocolla

The 'Mother Earth

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Chrysocolla is a very supportive goddess energy stone, that will inspire verbal expression, and will empower both men and women to communicate in a clear, loving way.

It will open your throat chakra and energize the words you speak, and may help you to choose the right words to speak to aid emotional healing in others.

It is powerful to aid truthful and heartfelt loving communication, and was historically used by the American Indian people, to bring a strengthening and calming energy.

This is a teaching stone, that helps you to communicate the right words that each individual needs to hear at a given time. It is a lovely peaceful stone, that helps to motivate you to speak out, about those things that are important to you, as well as those issues that you feel others may benefit from hearing.

Why Chrysocolla 

Chrysocolla crystals have a strong action at most chakras, and may be used at any chakra to energize you, and bring your system into alignment with spirit.

This crystal is particularly powerful to bring the loving energy of the heart chakra through to the throat chakra, to help to support deeper heart-felt communication.

It is a lovely crystal that is excellent to aid your communication abilities. It is empowering of the feminine energies, and this vibration encourages both men and women to understand and fully embrace their feminine side.

Depending on the colors within the stone, it may make a deeper connection to aid healing of health issues associated with specific chakras.

It has a good action to aid anxiety and stress as it brings a soothing and calming energy through, which makes it one of the helpful methods to relieve stress.

When you are feeling angry, and find it hard not to mouth off at others with angry words, keeping a piece of this stone on your body, preferably at the throat or heart chakra, may benefit you.

I just love the large piece shown in the picture above, as it is wonderful to hold in my hand to calm my emotions.

This stone has a revitalizing and soothing action within the lower three chakras, and may help to link the heart chakra and throat chakra with the base or root chakra.

It is known to help to heal the thymus gland and to aid healing of thyroid problems, so wearing a piece of this crystal near your throat may be beneficial to help these issues.

Wearing Chrysocolla

Wearing Chrysocolla is known to benefit singers and musicians, as its energy is very supportive for anyone doing activities related to sound.

It may be particularly helpful if you play or sing, as it has a good action to boost musical activity.

This crystal is both a Gemini birthstone as well as a Virgo birthstone, and there are many advantages to wearing this stone.

It is particularly helpful to aid loving communication and to bring you increased energy and vitality. It is an advantage to keep one of these stones within your auric field, as they are helpful in so many ways, including aiding communication. 

Jewelry Care and Cleaning Chrysocolla 

Chrysocolla is a rather soft gemstone, so extra care should always be taken to retain its attractive polish. It can be easily scratched by other gems and jewelry, so it should be worn and cleaned separately. When cleaning chrysocolla gemstones, simply use a soft cloth or brush and plain soapy water. Do not use any ultrasonic cleaners or steamers and avoid the use of any harsh household chemicals, such as bleach or sulfuric acid. To prevent permanent damage to the color of your stones, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and excessive heat.

Chrysocolla gemstones and jewelry should always be stored separately from other gems and jewelry. When storing your chrysocolla, it is best to wrap your stones individually using a soft cloth, or place them inside a fabric-lined jewelry box for added protection. Always be sure to remove any jewelry before playing sports, exercising or performing any vigorous household chores.

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  • Post author
    katie lane
  • chrysocolla